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Future Lions

If you are a future Lion in grades 6-8th you can begin preparing for high school hockey now. 

Some suggestions are to follow a similar model to the high school program with deliberate and intentional development programs that accelerate skill development over other players. For youth players, the off-season is another opportunity to develop through participation in other sports with an eye to the unique skills required to play hockey at a high level. Games are only one part of the equation. Quality ice time (practice) and participation in off-season training are a great prepare yourself to take the next step.

If your son participates with off season teams, playing at the highest level possible while keeping a sharp focus on individual skills programs will help him improve. Improving your overall athleticism, strength and flexibility should be a focus in addition to the hockey skills.

If your son is not currently a student at one of our co-op you can start the journey by contacting the admissions offices and visit each school to see which would be a fit for your student and family.